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Genetics & Genomics

Genetics & Genomics

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Year of Establishment


About Department

The Department of Genetics and Genomics was established in the year 2010 in Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. The mission of the department is to promote excellence in education and research in the areas of plant and human genetics, epigenetics, structural and functional genomics, pathogenomics, immunogenetics and plant pathology.It offers 2 year M.Sc., course in semester pattern with intake of 30 students (15 regular and 15 self-finance seats) per year. Further, the department has launched the Ph.D. program in the year 2012 and as of nowabout 8 students have successfully completed their research work on various research problems/topics and received doctoral degrees from the department. Presently the department is running with four regular faculty, two academic consultants and non teaching staff. The faculty has strong academic and research background in different scientific areas like cancer biology and nano therapy,immunology, molecular virology, plant pathology, microbial genetics, plant genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, plant biotechnology, genomics etc.They have done their PhD in various prestigious universities and institutes and some are also had the overseas research experience in reputed institutions.The course curriculum is designed in view of the current scientific trend and demand in the market andupdates every three years with emerging scientific improvements and hence, the students are highly competent to the reputed notational universities, institutions and R&D sectors.The department always focuses on student’s welfare and train them as skilled at both theory and lab work. The faculty of the department has published articles with good impact factors in national and international journals and also published books and book chapters in reputed academic publishing groups.


The faculty of The Department has received several research grants from DST,DST-SERB, DBT, CSIR, UGC, Agri-Science Park Project, A.P and Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, New Delhi. Of them some aresuccessfully completed and some are ongoing. Students of the department were recruited in various professions and sectors like R&D, teaching, software, clinical labs etc., Further some of the PG students are qualified SLET and continued higher studies like Ph.D at various national institutes and Universitiesand some of the Ph.Dstudents of the deparment have obtained post-doctoral fellowships in India and abroad.A Student from this department participated in national common wealth games.


The central and department laboratories have advanced equipments like PCR, UV Spectrophotometer, Gel documentation system, refrigerated centrifuges, Laminar air flow chamber, Stereomicroscope, incubator shakers, Autoclaves, BOD incubators, freezers, Electrophoresis units, Western blotting units, Chromatographyetc to carry out modern experiments related to Genetics, Molecular biology, Genetic engineering, Immunology and Cell biology.

Laboratory Facilities of the Department

• M.Sc., common Laboratory
• In silico Laboratory

Research Laboratories / Facilities

• Onco-immunology laboratory
• Plant Pathology Laboratory
• Plant Molecular biology Laboratory

Awards / Medals

• Prestigious DST’s INSPIRE Fellowship to the First Rank Students to pursue Ph.D. degree.
• Ph.D. degree awardees got post-doctoral fellowships from various National and International Institutions and Laboratories.

Guest Lecturers

Department is regularly organizing series of lectures to the students and research scholars by inviting Eminent Professors/Scientists from reputed Universities, Institutions and Laboratories.

Funded projects

P.I: Dr. P. Osman Basha, Department of Genetics & Genomics, “Genetic, Biochemical and Molecular characterization of Orange Ripening (Orr2) mutant in Solanum lycopersicum” Period of the Project: 2010-13 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: UGC and Total Project Outlay: Rs.12,40,000/-.

P.I: Dr. P. Osman Basha, Department of Genetics & Genomics, “Generation of Point and Deletion Mutagenized Population of Tomato (cv. Arka Vikas) and Molecular Characterization of Mutants” Period of the Project: 2010-13 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DST and Total Project Outlay: Rs.24,00,000/-.

P.I: Dr. P. Osman Basha, Department of Genetics & Genomics, “Generation of Insertional Mutants in Solanum lycopersicum through T-DNA Tagging for Functional Genomics and Biotechnological Applications” Period of the Project: 2011-14 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: CSIR and Total Project Outlay: Rs.25,00,000/-.

Co-PI: Dr. L. Dakshayani, “Role of nuclear receptor farnesoid X receptor on airway inflammation and remodeling” Sponsored by DBT, New Delhi. Period of the Project: 2011-2014. Total Project Outlay: Rs.39,00,000/-.

Dr. P. Osman Basha, “Development of Deletion and Point mutation population of SonaMasuri (rice) to select Economically Important Lines” Sponsored by Agri-Science Park, YVU. Total Project Outlay: Rs.1,50,000/-.

P.I: Dr. L. Dakshayani, Department of Genetics & Genomics, “Cross-talk between plasmacytoid dendritic cells and regulatory T cells in ovarian cancer using mouse model” Period of the Project: 2012-15 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: CSIR and Total Project Outlay: Rs. 22,00,000/-.

P.I.: Dr. L. Dakshayani, “Molecular mechanism(s) by which cyclin D1 abrogates involution using the K5. Cyclin D1 transgenic line and related experimental models” Sponsored by UGC, New Delhi. Total Project Outlay: Rs.22,87,952/-.

Co- PI: Dr. P. Osman Basha, “Production of transgenic groundnut (ArachishypogaeaL.) carrying Arabidopsisphytochrome A and B for the enhancement of yield” Sponsored by CSIR, New Delhi. Total Project Outlay: Rs.18,00,000/-.

P.I: Dr.L.Dakshayani, Department of Genetics & Genomics, “Molecular mechanism involved in the development of skin gamma delata T cells” Period of the Project: 2012-15 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DST and Total Project Outlay: Rs. 21,55,000/-.

Co-PI: Dr. P. Osman Basha, “Assessment of population structure, phenology and natural regeneration of Pterocarpussantalinus-endemic, endangered and exploited tree species of southern Eastern Ghats” Sponsored by MoEF & CC, New Delhi. Total Project Outlay: Rs.17,63,750/-.

Co-PI: Dr. P. Osman Basha, “Proteome Analysis of Drought Stress Tolerance in Finger Millet (Eleisinecorcana L.)” Sponsored by DST, New Delhi. Total Project Outlay: Rs. 29,95,800/-.

P.I: Dr. A. Muni Kumari, Department of Genetics & Genomics, “Significance of LCD resistenace to foxtail millet to fungal infections” Period of the Project: 2013-16 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DST - SERB and Total Project Outlay: Rs. 23,00,000/-

P.I.: Dr. L. Dakshayani, “ Molecular signaling during thymus involution and its application for the prevention of age associated diseases and cancer” Sponsored by DST-SERB, New Delhi. Period of the Project: 2018-2021. Total Project Outlay: Rs.42,17,000/-

Dr. Muni Kumari

Associate Professor
Dr. B. Ramesh

Head & Associate Professor
  • Sir CV Raman Science Building

    Yogi Vemana University College


    Kadapa, Y.S.R Kadapa

    Andhra Pradesh, India

    Zip/Pin Code: 516005

  • +91 8562225419

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  • genetics@yvu.edu.in

Programme Info

  • M.Sc 2 Years
  • PhD Full & Part Time
  • Faculty Regular 04
  • Academic Consultants 02
  • Awards 15+
  • Student Intake 32
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What they say?


I am indebted to the faculty of the University, who inculcated scientific temper and research aptitude and I think YVU is a happening place for qualitative research.

Anand Kumar
Ph.D. in Biotechnology

The academic ambience and infrastructure of the University are the hallmarks, I consider myself to be lucky to be here and I foresee a bright future in pursuit of Science.

Shaik Fasiha Begam
M.Sc. in Physics

Yogi Vemana University is certainly a hub for meaningful research activities. Research in social sciences here bears contemporary relevance and addresses societal problems.

Varikunta Sailaja
Ph.D. in English

Yogi Vemana University installed faith in me to explore new avenues in liberal arts which mates us more humane and civilized.

Karanam Saiteja