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Year of Establishment


Vision and Mission


This department mainly focus research activities related to the Molecular aspects of Abiotic stresses tolerance in crop plants, Phytoremediation of heavy metals, Production of biodiesel from local forest plants, Molecular taxonomy of vascular plants and their function and medicinal properties, multiplication and preservation of endangered species, etc.
Our Department is also engaged in developing different transgenic approaches to improve photosynthesis under Abiotic stress conditions in agronomically important crops with regional relevance.
Our Department has collaboration with Intra Schools and inter departmental, mainly working on identification and formulating the active components in some important local flora with medicinal value in long go. Discussions are in progress with other Departments, Schools of Life Sciences in other Universities and Institutions to collaborate in various aspects in areas of Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering and Molecular Medicine.


Our mission is to discover, maintain, and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in the biological sciences.


1. It is one of the first departments which has attracted ~ 1.6 crores grants from different funding agencies.
2. About 10 students appointed as lecturers (on merit basis) in government junior and degree colleges by Regional Joint Director.
3. Many students working as lecturers in corporate/private junior colleges.
4. One student cleared APSET.
5. Four students selected for DST- INSPIRE Fellowships.
6. Two students selected as project fellows in other institutes and universities.
7. Selected as Supporting and supervising staff in AP Forestry/Agriculture departments and seed companies.

Medals Received by the Students

Sri C.Sankar Reddy Memorial Gold Medal to all round meritorious M. Sc., Botany student of Y. V. University.
1. Ms. B.Anjali Devi (2007-2009)
2. Mr. G.Krishna Kumar (2008-2010)
3. Ms. Rodha (2009-2011).

Seminars / Conference / Symposia / Workshops / Guest Lecturers Conducted: 04

1. International Seminar on Plant Biotechnology and Genomics (ISPBG-2009).
2. Biotechnology: Pros and Cons seminars in Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa).
3. Genomics Workshop in collaboration with UGCNRCBS-MKU-2012.
Dr. Linga Reddy Gutha, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington visited the department 27th September, 2010 and delivered lecture on “Expression profiling and functional characterization of genes in response to abiotic and biotic stress factors in plants”.

Botanical Garden

This department is also maintains Botanical Garden. This facility with a land stretch of 18.27 acres is on the University Campus. It serves for collection and maintenance of useful germplasm for various crops and plant species that have invaluable utility in the area of Plant Bio-Technology and Genetic Engineering. This is another innovative programme launched by the University.
Botanical gardens are living repositories of indigenous and exotic, cultivated and wild plants, It is a place where a wide variety of plants are cultivated for scientific, educational, and ornamental purposes, often including a library, a herbarium, and greenhouses. Yogi Vemana University Botanical Garden is basically developed to educate the students, researchers and common man about plant biodiversity and its importance in human well – being.


Students Alumni of the Department are placed in various prestigious International Organizations like ICGEB, New Delhi, sister Universities like S.K.University. Most of the students are selected as Junior Lecturers based on their merit.

Research Scholars : 04
Funded Projects

P.I: Prof. P.S. Shavalli Khan, Department of Botany, “Biodiesel production from Hydrocarbon yielding Plants” Period of the Project: 2008-11 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DST and Total Project Outlay: Rs.22,00,000/-.

P.I: Dr. P. Chandra Obul Reddy, Department of Botany, “Development of Sunflower (Belianthus annuus L.) Transgenics carrying H-D-START and DREBIF transcription factors for improved a biotic stress tolerance” Period of the Project: 2009-12 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: CSIR and Total Project Outlay: Rs.20,00,000/-.

P.I: Dr. P. Chandra Obul Reddy, Department of Botany, “Phytoremediation of Uranium enriched soils: Molecular, Biochemical and Transgenic approach” Period of the Project: 2009-12 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DBT and Total Project Outlay:: Rs.25,00,000/-.

P.I: Dr.P.Chandra Obul Reddy, Department of Botany, “Development of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogea,L.) transgenics carrying HD-START transcription factor for improved drought stress tolerance” Period of the Project: 2009-12 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DST and Total Project Outlay: Rs.26,60,000/-.

P.I: Prof. P.S. Shavalli Khan, Department of Botany, “Biotechnological invention for the production of androgenic haploids to speed and support breeding of ginger” Period of the Project: 2011-14 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DBT and Total Project Outlay: Rs.23,08,000/-.

P.I: Prof. P.S. Shavalli Khan, Department of Botany, “Proteomic analysis of drought stress tolerance in finger millet (Eleusina corcana L)” Period of the Project: 2012-15 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: UGC and Total Project Outlay: Rs. 11,19,800/-.

P.I.: Dr. A.Madhusudhana Reddy, “Biodiversity Assessment and Bioprospection of lichens in Rayalaseema Forests of Andhra Pradesh, India” Period of the Project: 2012-2015 (3 Years). Sponsored by CSIR, New Delhi. Total Project Outlay: Rs. 25,00,000/-.

P.I: Prof. P.S. Shavalli Khan, Department of Botany, “Gametic embryogenesis in popular and commercial cultivator of Mango” Period of the Project: 2016-19 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: DST-SERB and Total Project Outlay: Rs. 26,39,257/-.

P.I: Dr. A. Madhusudhana Reddy, Department of Botany, “Ex situ Conservation and Propagation of Threatened and Endemic Plants of Eastern Ghats of India” Period of the Project: 2017-20 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: MoEF & CC and Total Project Outlay: Rs. 88,13,640/-.

P.I: Dr. A. Madhusudhana Reddy, Department of Botany, “Propagation of medicinal plants through nodal nursery at Yogi Vemana University Botanical garden” Period of the Project: 2020-23 (3 Years), Sponsoring Agency: NMPB Ministry of AYUSH, GOI, New Delhi and Total Project Outlay: Rs. 25,00,000/-

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Programme Info

  • M.Sc 2 Years
  • PhD Full & Part Time
  • Faculty Regular 03
  • Academic Consultants 03
  • Awards 20+
  • Student Intake 38
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What they say?


I am indebted to the faculty of the University, who inculcated scientific temper and research aptitude and I think YVU is a happening place for qualitative research.

Anand Kumar
Ph.D. in Biotechnology

The academic ambience and infrastructure of the University are the hallmarks, I consider myself to be lucky to be here and I foresee a bright future in pursuit of Science.

Shaik Fasiha Begam
M.Sc. in Physics

Yogi Vemana University is certainly a hub for meaningful research activities. Research in social sciences here bears contemporary relevance and addresses societal problems.

Varikunta Sailaja
Ph.D. in English

Yogi Vemana University installed faith in me to explore new avenues in liberal arts which mates us more humane and civilized.

Karanam Saiteja